step 5: making homepage for cakephp blog

step 5: making homepage for cakephp blog

Make a folder “pages” if it is not already created at “/app/views/” and create a file “home.ctp” into “/app/views/pages/” then copy and paste the blow code into the file.


<h2 class="title">20 steps to make CakePHP Blog</h2>
<p class="meta"><small>Posted: September 1, 2010</small></p>
<div class="entry">
  This is Md. Iqbal Hosan, a computer engineer, web developer and OCP DBA welcome you to learn how to make
  CakePHP Blog, a sample cakephp project by 20 cool steps.

It is time to fire-up your favorite browser to see the effect of making homepage “home.ctp” like the blow screenshot:


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