MySQL NULLIF() Function Number Value Example

MySQL NULLIF() Function Number Value Example

Open your MySQL Query Editor then copy & paste the below code to get the value of NULLIF() MySQL Function Number Value Example:

   SELECT NULLIF(10,10), NULLIF(0,0), NULLIF(-1,-2), NULLIF(0,-2), NULLIF(0/0,100), NULLIF(200/2,100);

   -- MySQL NULLIF() Function Deals With Two Expressions
   -- IF    [Expression1/Value1] equals to [Expression2/Value2] NULLIF() Function returns NULL
   -- ELSE  NULLIF() Function returns [Expression1/Value1]
      -- is comment in MySQL
      -- in fact it is comment in MSSQL and Oracle as well

MySQL NULLIF() Function Number Value Example - Result in MySQL Query Editor


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