PHP HTML Form radio button Example

PHP HTML Form radio button Example

make a file “php-html-form-radio-button-example.php" then copy & paste blow code.



      echo "<h3>Your form data as bellow</h3>";
      echo "</br>Your Name :{$_POST['FullName']}";
      echo "</br>Your are :{$_POST['YourGender']}";
      echo "<hr>";


<h3>PHP HTML Form radio button Example</h3>

<form name="UserInformationForm" method="POST" action="#">
      Enter Your Full Name :
      <input name="FullName" type="text" value="<?php echo $_POST['FullName']; ?>"><br/><br/>
      You are :
      <input name="YourGender" type="radio" value="male" <?php if($_POST['YourGender']=="male") echo "checked=checked"; ?> > Male
      <input name="YourGender" type="radio" value="female" <?php if($_POST['YourGender']=="female") echo "checked=checked"; ?>> Female
      <input name="BtnSubmit" type="submit" value="Submit">

Fire-up your favorite browser to see the effect of a blank HTML form with radio button in PHP "http://localhost/blog/php-html-form-radio-button-example.php". Browser output should look like as follows:


Now fill-up the HTML form and get submitted data in PHP "http://localhost/blog/php-html-form-radio-button-example.php". Browser output should look like as follows:


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  1. How do you get the radio input to run a PHP method without having to push the SUBMIT button? I know that it is with AJAX, but I am not sure how to implement.

    1. Paul agree with you. You will get Radio input after submit button had pushed. Since Ajax works on partial page refresh you can have from data without submit.

    2. Bellow example may be helpful:


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