PHP HTML Form textarea Example

PHP HTML Form textarea Example

make a file “php-html-form-textarea-example.php" then copy & paste blow code.



      echo "<h2>Bellow is the form data</h2>";
      echo "<hr>";
      echo "</br>Your Name :{$_POST['Fullname']}";
      echo "</br>Your Address :{$_POST['UserAddress']}";
      echo "<hr>";


<h2>PHP HTML Form textarea Example</h2>

<form name="UserInformationForm" method="POST" action="#">
      Enter Your Full Name :
      <input name="Fullname" type="text" value="<?php echo $_POST['Fullname']; ?>"><br/><br/>
      Enter Your Address :
      <textarea name="UserAddress" rows="3" cols="20"><?php echo $_POST['UserAddress']; ?></textarea>
      <input name="BtnSubmit" type="submit" value="Submit">

Fire-up your favorite browser to see the effect of a blank HTML form with textarea in PHP "http://localhost/blog/php-html-form-textarea-example.php". Browser output should look like as follows:


Now fill-up the HTML form and get submitted data in PHP "http://localhost/blog/php-html-form-textarea-example.php". Browser output should look like as follows:


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